Over 400 olive grower members
in almost all the municipalities of Gallura

The Oleificio Gallura started in Berchidda in 1967, from the tenacity of a small group of olive growers who, to remedy the inconvenience caused by the absence of mills nearby, decided to start the process of setting up the cooperative and building the oil mill, through a loan from the Sardinia Region.

Due to the foresight of the directors over the years, the company has grown considerably, from a few courageous founders to more than 400 current members, olive growers from almost all the municipalities of Gallura and Monte Acuto. Our oil mill, originally located in the town and now moved to the artisan area of ​​the town, has undergone modernization, transforming from the traditional milling system with hydraulic presses to the latest generation continuous extraction system to maximize the quality of the oil.

The bottling, packaging and sale of oil starts by carefully selecting the olives, which are transformed within 24 hours, and stored in a conditioned and oxygenless room at a constant temperature throughout the year. The Cooperative, thanks to a community aid that supports the olive sector, has equipment to facilitate the harvesting and delivery systems in the ideal conditions of the olives in the mill and is committed to providing olive growers with the assistance they need during the various cultivation phases.

In collaboration with the Municipalities of the Territory and with the Università delle Tre Età in Olbia, our highly specialized staff is active in the dissemination of the organoleptic and health qualities of extra virgin olive oil. We also undertake to close the olive processing cycle with the production of peanut, used as fuel biomass, and of wet pomace, sold for the production of biogas.

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Fruity, pleasantly bitter and spicy, with hints of freshly cut grass and artichoke, rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances. Multiple uses in the kitchen: from tasty bruschetta to salads, excellent to accompany meats and fish and to flavour sauces.